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February 25, 2022

February in the garden

February is an unusual month for all of us gardeners. It is a very cold month and for a garden to produce flowers in this weather is a difficult task.

However, in spite of the cold temperatures I was glad to see various flowers showing their shy heads.

My stocks have started flowering and filling their area with lots of beautiful fragrant flowers. Freesia are also getting ready to fill my garden with lovely flowers and lots of beautiful scent.

Most of my orange and mandarin trees have produced their lovely fruit most of which have been cut and either eaten or stored. There remains one orange tree which normally is late and which I am showing on this page. Some of its oranges have already been cut but it still has quite a few fruit left on its branches.

My Solandra has finished flowering. This year this climber has produced hundreds of gorgeous yellow flowers.

Maurice Mizzi

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