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March 30, 2020 – Published in Design & Decor Spring 2015 issue

Mirror image

Words Rachel Balzan Demajo – Interior designer at SAKS

Mirrored furniture is the red lipstick of interior design. When there’s a need for a bit of glamour, it does the trick every time. An unblemished surface has a crisp, modern sensibility, whereas antiqued mirror, in its infinitely hazy variations, lends an air of mystery to a room.

Reflective surfaces, whether on a cocktail table, a 1930s-style screen, or a chest of drawers also add another texture to a space, playing off wallpaper and rugs.

Given that the inspiration of many of these pieces dates back to the Art Deco era of 1920s or 1930s, you could say that mirrored furniture is anything but a passing trend.

Mirrored furniture items are wonderful decorating ideas that create bright and spacious interior design. They lend a space a Boho chic elegance, bringing the luxury of 20s and 30s Hollywood.

Bedside tables, console tables and coffee tables are also popular mirrored furniture items, yet dining tables and dressers also look beautiful and impressive given the right accent and room style.

Mirrored furniture features smooth surfaces that reflect light that make any interior feel brighter and airier. Any mirrored furniture piece looks like an artwork, making a statement and adding a striking centrepiece to modern interior design.

This look enables you to have a lot of furniture, even big pieces, without the room feeling cluttered because the reflective surface makes the furniture recede and also adds depth to a room.

Mirrored bathroom cabinets, combined with large wall mirrors can transform even tiny functional rooms into spectacular, spacious and modern home interiors.

Writing desks and storage furniture items with mirrored surfaces are wonderful decorating ideas that add a glamorous and exclusive feel to the room.

Mirrored chests of drawers, bookcases and wall cabinets with mirrored doors can have wooden surfaces or combined mirrors with new contemporary finishes, adding additional flair to modern interior design. Storage furniture with mirrored surfaces can have strong and durable wooden or metal frames. Mirrored console tables made with metal or wood drawers provide great storage spaces for small items and decorate your hallway in style.

Mirrored dressing tables, combined with mirrored chairs and wall mirrors not only enable luxurious and beautiful dressing rooms, but help decorate dark corners with reflected light.

A huge mirrored dining table adds drama to a dining room décor by providing a centrepiece that becomes a work of art. Simple and elegant wall decor and green indoor plants look fabulous reflected in dining table mirrors.

Naturally this use of style has an exaggerated elegance and glam to it and therefore must be used with taste and compromise. It’s the perfect balance of colour, texture and location that evokes the designers eye to seek out a mirrored furniture piece to dress up a particular space.

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