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September 3, 2018 – Published in Design & Decor Autumn 2018 issue

Landscaping transformation

​​Words Victoria Galea

The growing appeal of outdoor living has made many realise the importance of a good plan and a great landscape design. Whether it is a public or commercial space or a residential garden or a back yard, a thoughtfully executed landscape design will transform an outdoor space and make it a desirable space to relax in. In fact, the outdoors has increasingly considered an extension of the home, thoughtfully planned to offer a comfortable and functional area.  

Ensuring that you have a good landscape design is very important even if you are going to hire the landscape professionals. A lot of thought is needed from the moment you decide to go for a landscaping project – no matter how small or large it may be.

The three essential factors involved in landscaping are: plants, terrain and structures. It all depends on what you intend for your space, who will be using it and why.

Creating an innovative space need not necessarily be outrageous. The innovative use of traditional features and plants can sometimes give an exceptional result. As such olive trees and other Mediterranean trees like the carob have been gaining popularity especially in a purposely contemporary context.

Various factors can impact the design and the costs. Proper planning will give you direction and, if necessary, allow you execute the plan in stages if necessary. Before hiring a landscape designer/contractor, here are some essential guidelines that will help you understand what is involved. It will help you define your requirements to transform your space into the ultimate outdoor retreat.

Helpful suggestions

Ensure you have a feasible master plan. It will help you visualise the space, avoiding confusion and giving you something to refer to.

So, instead of fighting existing elements make good use of existing conditions and plants to your advantage.

Investing in infrastructure is essential for the success of the project and will also add value. This includes the installation of professional drip irrigation as well as lighting.

Before putting up any structural elements or planting any trees, don’t forget the visual connection between inside and outside. Plan ahead and make sure that the view from the inside is a pleasant one.

Create atmosphere and ensure the garden offers a visual impact by using quantities of plants and flower beds.


The options that face you today, when planning a new garden or changing an existing terrain, are mind-boggling and can be overwhelming. This is where your plan and expert consultants come in handy especially when it comes to investing in large-scale landscaping. It can be overwhelming: Creating a natural habitat or a fashionable space? A sustainable landscape or an impressive garden? Constructing decks or patios? Should it be pebbles or cement? Fence or hedge?

For a successful transformation the following is essential:

  • The proportion between the area available, softscapes (plants) and hardscapes (structures)

  • The organisation to ensure balance whether it is a formal or informal design.

  • Replication of design elements and specific features which creates predictable sequences.

  • Harmony of design where everything appears to be connected to create one whole.

  • Whatever the style, colour is essential to give dimension and added interest in small and large-scale designs. Colour can set the mood and be the unifying factor between soft and hardscapes, inside and outside.

There is much to consider, especially as it will be with you for the long term. Make sure you plan it all carefully according to the scale of your garden area and surroundings. Do communicate all your desires to whoever you involve in your landscaping project to ensure that the end result will be exactly what you desired for your space.


  • Decide why you want to landscape and what it involved.

  • Research the ideas you have and the most popular garden styles to suit your needs.

  • Define the features you require.

  • Amenities you would like to include.

  • Note any structure or other constructions you intend pulling down or building, including patios, paths, walls, outdoor kitchens etc.

  • List the plants you would like to incorporate.

Contact Louis Micallef at Green Supplier Ltd, Flower & Plants Growers, Mdawra Road, Burmarrad. Enquiries: 2157 1428


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