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June 14, 2022 – Published in Design & Decor Spring-Summer 2022 issue

Halcyon Days – Quintessentially English

Gio.Batta Delia’s story with enamelled boxes goes back to the mid 1990’s when we introduced this revived art of enamelware to our discerning customers, a product which definitely sat in very well with our other collections from the finest names in chinaware and glass at the time.

In those days, we primarily sold ware produced by Bilston & Battersea, Staffordshire Enamels, Crummles and Kingsley. 

Slowly but surely these enamelled boxes, likened to pill boxes, become a favourite with our clientele and we concentrated on Bilston & Battersea, seeing that they were the leaders in this field.

Hence our connection to the Halcyon Days brand, which was founded in 1950 as an emporium of antique gifts in Mayfair, London, specialising in 17th Century enamelware. Halcyon Days produce the most exquisite enamelware in England at the Bilston & Battersea works.

However, as the world has evolved, so has the brand: today also known as the destination for luxury gifts, English fine bone china and fashion accessories.

Their team of highly skilled craftsmen and master artists employ refined techniques that have been handed down for generations.

As the guardian of enamelling, the company promotes, cherishes, develops and maintains British craftsmanship and manufacturing.

A few years ago, Halcyon Days introduced a range of jewellery consisting mainly of bangles and cufflinks which also proved to be a success locally. The accessories range includes a selection of 100% silk scarves made exclusively for Halcyon Days by one of the last surviving Italian producers of handmade silk products.

Another fascinating service this brand offers is producing personal commissions to celebrate special occasions like wedding anniversaries, births, birthdays, memorable achievements and so on. Enamelled boxes made just for you, making your box unique. You choose the occasion, supply the names, dates, add a few words and you have a ‘one off’ piece.

You may want to replicate a hand painted scene of your house or villa, that special spot in your garden, or even immortalise your pet or classic car. 

Halcyon Days takes great pride in creating and delivering exceptional and unique luxury gifts for an international clientele. 

It is also one of only fourteen companies worldwide to hold all three Royal Warrants to the British Royal household – testament to their consistently high-quality products.

Strengthening bonds beautifully for 70 years, they set new traditions with their gifts designed to last a lifetime. 

Halcyon Days Jewellery is sold at Domus Zamittello in Valletta, whilst bone china gifts are available at camilleriparismode in Rabat, or visit our Facebook page Gio.Batta Delia - 1901 or contact +356 9989 6286.

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